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What makes me unique...

On this page you find more then only the questions and answers. You will be able to see the added value of my work and at the same time you find many of your questions answered on this page.


Double camera equipment, what do you actually mean by that?
I always appear with two cameras and four lenses. I switch between the two cameras because because different lenses are be used. Perfect for the professional wedding photography.


What do the lenses bring to the wedding?
First of all, it has to be said that different moments are captured with different lenses.  In wedding photography, for example, the fixed focal lense is often used.
This is a lens that is usually very light transmissive and allows shooting below f2.0. Zoom lenses are usually not transmissive. Fixed focal lengths have two advantages over zoom lenses in the wedding photography.
Especially in places where the lighting conditions are not so good and taking photos with flash isn't allowed, transmissive lenses are a must for every wedding photographer, otherwise the autofocus has nothing to focus on. A higher ISO setting or a lower shutter speed brings the risk that the resulting photos will appear noisy or blurry.


A fixed focal length, which has been installed with a very light-transmissive, has the possibility, for example, to capture the wedding couple sharply and to make the background soft (bokeh effect). Such images are popular in the wedding photography like the black and white photos in social media and world wide web.
Focusing on the background and foreground takes just a few seconds as the settings the (f) only needs to be turned up.


Regardless of whether flash is allowed or not allowed, photos in deep and dark rooms with flash appear very inauthentic. My fixed focal lengths are always a part of your wedding.


And why do you also take zoom lenses with you?
I will bring two additional zoom lenses with me to your wedding, each with two different focal lengths (focal length = zoom) one the standard version 18-55 mm as a replacement lens in case the fixed focal length should fail, and a telephoto lens with 55-250mm focal length dor photos In case I can't get closer.


Your wedding pictures look authentic, how do you do that?
When the shooting starts, I try not to stage all the pictures. Although I also give pose instructions in visual form, my years of experience as a photographer have also shown me that the most authentic images and the most beautiful emotions can only be captured if you do somthing simply.


In other words: During a couple shooting, I also like to photograph the wedding couple in the background or from a distance with a zoom lense.

 I score with sentences like:
 "Go for a walk a few meters and talk about the good times that lie ahead"


 "Tell each other jokes and consciously ignore me"
 the most beautiful and amazing results!
 The mix between posed and “authentic outdoor photography”, as I always like to call it, makes the couple shoot really believable and lively.


How reliable are you as a wedding photographer?
The wedding photographer's equipment is by far the most important thing to be well prepared for emergencies and, above all, to radiate trust and security.
If I come to the wedding with several lenses, the risk is minimized that the photography cannot continue if the lens isn't working anymore.

All lenses are compatible with my both cameras. I carry a dozen batteries, SD cards and replacement batterys.

For security reasons, I save the wedding pictures on several memory cards.
I also work with high-quality memory cards like the SanDisk Extrem PLUS and Extrem PRO. I have never skimped on security and never will.

I don't like to use the sentence  “out of the question,” but with my equipment, the likelihood of being left without a camera on your wedding day drops to almost zero.  Because nothing is worse and more annoying than having a wedding photographer with no plan.

My equipment will be checked 24 hours before your wedding starts. I even had a checklist made for this. All parts, from the camera to the flash system and the lenses, are original from Canon. I didn't skimp on quality.


How many photos are taken in my wedding?
It depends on how many hours you want to book me. You can expect up to a thousand pictures in a 12 hour wedding photography.  Approximately fifty percent are sorted out and half of the images go into image
processing. So there are approximately up to five hundred images left.


How is the interview going?
You can reach me by email or by phone. After our conversation on the phone, we will arrange an appointment for the conversation.


Any information about the wedding process is essential for your wedding. After our conversation, a wedding contract will be handed out (Also available in English).
This contract is intended to better protect you as a wedding couple and me as a photographer in the event of any disputes.
Please read to carefully the terms and conditions in the contract.
The contract doen't have to be signed immediately. You can sent me contract later, seven days after it is handed over.


Is a video meeting also possible for a personal initial consultation?
Yes, if my customers live several hours away, a personal initial consultation makes no sense. A video call via WhatsApp is preferred.


Will there be a deposit for wedding photography?
Yes, like many wedding photographers, I also require a deposit. This amounts to 50 % of the total.


What happens if I have to cancel the wedding?
If you want to cancel the contract longer than 59 days before the upcoming wedding, you will receive your 50% deposit within 14 days back. Unless that the airlines, the hotel and the rental car company do not charge cancellation fees. More information can be found in the wedding contract (Also in English).


How long can you be booked as a wedding photographer?
The booking time for international orders is a
minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours.


We don't want our photos to be published, would that be a problem?
That is absolutely no problem. Simply mark the relevant sentence in the wedding contract (Also in English) stating that you don't want the photos to be published and that's it.


When will we receive our photos after the wedding?
Depending on the order situation and the duration of the order, it can take maximum 4 weeks until all images have been processed.


Which languages ​​do you speak?
I speak very good German, English and Farsi.


Which countries can you enter without problems?
I have a German passport and can enter 190 countries without a visa.


What if it rains non-stop on my wedding day?
As long as there is no storm front with lightning, I can implement many creative ideas even in the rain.

If necessary, I can protect my cameras. Two wedding umbrellas in black and gold are always in my equipment, even if I have to fly away.


Do you also record videos at the same time?
No. Some wedding photographers also do this on the side. However, I'm of the opinion that it is better to focus on one thing, because in my personal opinion the error rate increases if you constantly have to switch back and forth between a camera, camcorder or a drone. The controls are different on the camcorder and camera. But a videographer can be booked from your site, that doesn't bother me at all and doesn't affect my service as a photographer.

The conclusion

For the professional wedding photography we need the high-tech cameras and, above all, photographers with long experience.
My personal added value, which sets me apart from many wedding photographers, is:
 - The worldwide reputation as a photographer on Instagram
 - The Years of experience as a photographer, starting in spring 1996 until today
 - The security that everything runs smoothly, because I'm literally double and triple protected against all emergency situations
Secure an appointment for a video call with WhatsApp.
I' looking forward to seeing you!